All Omori technicians are VCA certified

Omori’s packaging machines are designed in accordance with ISO9001 and JIS quality criteria and meet the strictest requirements in the international market. For the benefit of an optimal function, our after sales service department also provides regular preventative maintenance. Our experienced technicians, who are all VCA certified, are responsible for this.


What is VCA?

Whether it concerns preventative maintenance or a calamity; working within an industrial environment will always involve risks. This is why each Omori technician is in possession of the VCA certificate.

VCA is a Dutch term and it refers to a contractor’s check list in the field of health, safety and the environment. This is a certifiable check list that proves that the technician is able to manage health, safety and environmental issues during the performance of work on the work floor. As a result, the technician is highly aware of any safety risks that could occur during the performance of the work.

The VCA certification diagram meets all requirements as recorded in the European standards. The legal owner of the VCA system is an independent foundation (SSVV), while a central body of VCA experts is responsible for its management and further development. The Accreditation Council assesses the certification bodies that perform the VCA audits.

High quality and maintenance

The VCA certificate will ensure you as client that you will get an expert technician who takes safety very seriously. In this way you will minimise the risks on the work floor and you will be sure that your packaging machines are maintained in the most efficient way possible. You can also count on us to pay a lot of attention to important aspects such as the environment and health.

An Omori technician will ensure that your machine remains in an optimum condition and continues to perform at an excellent level for many years to come. Already during installation you will notice that they are working with a lot of know-how and with a strong focus on the client. After that, the technician will return regularly to perform preventative maintenance.

Are there problems in your production process or does your packaging machine, such as a flowpacker, no longer function satisfactorily? Even in such a case, you will be ensured of rapid technical support. If necessary, our VCA certified technicians will visit you on site, so that production can be resumed quickly.