Customer Vandersterre Groep wins award

We recently received the wonderful news that our customer Vandersterre Groep Packaging won an award with their Prima Donna maturo sliced cheese in our resealable packaging. The company won gold in the German DLG Awards, a prestigious award ceremony where products are judged on strict criteria.

Prima Donna maturo

Packaging crucial for product appearance

The DLG (abbreviation for Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gezellschaft) is an independent German organisation for agricultural and nutritional science. This association is highly regarded in Europe and not least because of the extensive scientific tests all products and methods are subjected to.

At the annual DLG Awards the cheeses are assessed on the basis of an extensive senses test. The institute’s specialists test the cheeses on factors such as taste, smell, consistency and appearance. Packaging obviously plays an important role in the assessment of aspects such as appearance and user convenience of these foods.

Gold at prestigious DLG Awards

Vandersterre Groep won the gold award for best cheese with their Prima Donna maturo cheese. Not for the first time, because the same product also won a prize two years earlier. The cheese is known for its flamboyant Italian character, pleasantly spicy and a little mysterious.

The cheese has a very original recipe and is made differently from other cheeses. A careful maturing process in a cheese warehouse with the ideal temperature and air humidity guarantees a product with a unique taste sensation. This deserves unique packaging of course.

Resealable flowpack with a traditional look

Vandersterre Groep therefore opted for the SeloPack™, an innovative and resealable flowpack with handy envelope fastening. The packaging is a combination of great user-friendliness and an attractive and traditional look.

A perfect partner for a traditional product such as the Prima Donna maturo cheese. Needless to say, the modern packaging centre in Grootebroek now houses several Omori machines.