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Intermittent, rotating carrousel machine for handling one doypack / (stand-up) pouch at each stroke. The rotation of the carousel makes sure the bag passes different stations where a specific action takes place, such as opening the bag, filling it and sealing it.

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For doubling the capacity, the duplex solution can be used. The carousel has a double gripper set, per station, for processing two pouches at once. The machines are also suitable for filling a combination of solid and liquid products, such as animal food, meals, preserved olives, etc.

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The Quadruplex machine is ideal to pack smaller quantities or volumes in pouches at high speed. At each stroke 4 pouches are processed at the same time. Maximum output is up to 180 packs per minute. Also possible is a turnkey delivery with multihead weigher, product supply, etc.

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Wet petfood (50% chunks / 50% gravy) is often packed in pouches. Omori Europe can deliver a full wet petfood production line. From gravy unit and steam tunnel to full packaging line, with multihead weigher and quadruplex Leepack, where the chunks and gravy are filled in two stages into the pouch at a speed of 160 pouches per minute.


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