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Flowpack packaging fresh meat

Guarantee your product quality in a flowpack bag

Packaging fresh meat, such as minced meat, in flowpack bags not only requires expertise in the machinery itself, but also technological product knowledge. An extended shelf life and preserving the red colour of the meat are essential prerequisites. This means that thought needs to be given to two issues: inserting the product in a hygienic and clean manner, and what steps need to be taken to guarantee product quality.

Reduce plastic film usage by 70%

Packaging fresh meat in a flowpack bag instead of a tray fits in well with the Dutch meat industry’s sustainability targets. The main target is a 30% energy saving in 2030 relative to 2010. The packaging used for the products is an important aspect of the value chain. Packaging the meat in a flowpack bag can make a substantial contribution to achieving the target. The use of a thin, mono-material film instead of the relatively thick trays represents an immediate reduction in plastic usage of 70%. A further advantage is reduced transport bulk, in terms of both the packaging material and the packaged end products, which reduces the number of transport movements required. Use of the flowpack bag also makes a positive contribution to minimising food waste. It provides adequate protection for the meat and guarantees product freshness and a good shelf life.

Hygienic packaging starts at Omori Europe

At Omori Europe, hygienic packaging starts with a feed system that is easy to clean. The infeed conveyor has a quick-disconnect system to allow easy removal of the belt for cleaning in another room.

The Omori S-5000EU-BX flowpack machine is equipped with a gas-injection system to pack the meat in a high-oxygen modified atmosphere. The system, consisting of a gas nozzle, flow meter and special gas valve, injects the correct volume of gas/oxygen into the tunnel. This volume is higher in comparison to other food products because the final bag needs to exit the packaging machine in an inflated state. The inflated shape provides the protection required and the right atmosphere in the packaging to preserve freshness.


Technological product knowledge

To preserve the red colour of the fresh meat, a gas mixture of carbon dioxide and oxygen is blown into the tunnel. So extra oxygen is added inside the packaging. This stops the myoglobin in the meat, which gives it its red colour, from oxidising and discolouring. The carbon dioxide prevents the growth of aerobic microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf life.

A flowpack bag made from completely recyclable plastic film

The mono-material film is fully recyclable as it consists of only one raw material. Because conventional films consist of multiple layers, they have a higher environmental impact. The mono-material is a single-layer film that eliminates the need for other layers while still providing the desired sealing properties, thickness and barrier performance. However, it does require different handling on the machine. A hermetic seal is required, so the end seal section is equipped with a special control unit to guarantee the leak-tightness of the packaging.

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