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Promessa reduces its plastic usage by 70%

The new Flowpack bags from ProMessa reduce the plastic used for meat packaging by 70%

ProMessa, a supplier of fresh meat products to supermarkets, is the first company in the Netherlands to package minced meat in a flowpack solution: “in a bag rather than in a tray”. This has reduced the firm’s use of plastic for meat packaging by over 70 percent. The first products – minced beef and ‘half-and-half’ beef and pork mince – in a Flowpack bag will be offered in Deen supermarkets from 14 November.

“The Flowpack bag helps our customers enormously in achieving their sustainability targets”

“The Flowpack bag helps our customers – several large supermarket chains – enormously in achieving their sustainability targets. It also meets the requirements of most consumers, who see plastic reduction as a responsibility of retailers and producers”, says Harold Rouweler, ProMessa’s Managing Director. The strong Flowpack bag encases the product completely, providing good protection. This type of packaging also extends the shelf life, so it helps prevent food spoilage on the shelf and the resulting food waste. A further advantage is reduced transport bulk, in terms of both the packaging material and the packaged end products, which reduces the number of transport movements required.

According to Dr. E. U. Thoden van Velzen, senior researcher at Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, this is an important step towards more sustainable packaging.

“Reduced plastic use is the top priority, followed closely by recycling. Ultimately, we want to be able to recycle the materials in a fully circular manner. In other words: reusing food packaging for food products. However, a great deal of research and development on the part of packaging producers and waste processors is still required before we can achieve this goal”.

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

“64 percent of respondents prefer minced meat in a Flowpack bag to minced meat in the traditional tray packaging”

ProMessa intends to start packaging more fresh meat products in the Flowpack bag if consumer acceptance of the new packaging is good. Based on an initial study carried out among consumers, the expectations are positive: around 64 percent of respondents prefer minced meat in a Flowpack bag to minced meat in the traditional tray packaging. The same study revealed that 86% of respondents prefer meat from Dutch livestock farmers. This led ProMessa to decide to exclusively package minced meat from Dutch farmers in the Flowpack bag.

Hendrik Bom (ProMessa) & Marc Arends (Omori Europe) 

Further development of a proven packaging concept

ProMessa contacted Omori Europe B.V., the well-known supplier of Flowpack packaging machines, to assess the technical feasibility of packaging fresh meat in a Flowpack bag. Marc Arends, Omori Europe’s Sales Executive, tells us more: “We were immediately excited when ProMessa approached us to discuss this project. We already have a long-standing and successful track record with our (resealable) Flowpack solutions for sliced cheese and meat products. So we developed this tried-and-tested packaging concept further and can now also offer a Flowpack solution for fresh meat. After a brief period of development and testing, we installed and commissioned a new Flowpack packaging line at ProMessa in Deventer in just four weeks.”

“We are always looking for innovations, particularly in the areas of sustainability”

The minced meat products in a Flowpack bag have been offered in all Deen supermarkets since 14 November. More supermarkets are expected to follow soon. Marcel van de Kerkhof, Deen’s Commercial Director: “We are always looking for innovations, particularly in the areas of sustainability and local sourcing. So we are delighted with this innovation from ProMessa, and we hope that our customers will be equally enthusiastic”.