Innovatieve oplossingen in samenwerking met toeleveranciers

Innovative companies are faced with a choice. They can either come up with their own ideas for the issues they face, or they can call upon the experience of long serving partners and realise appealing and intelligent solutions together. Omori Europe opted for the latter approach when developing its new horizontal flowpacker.



CE approved flowpacker welcomed with enthusiasm

Omori Europe has long since been the market leader for sealable packaging for meat products and cheese. The company launched its first European version of the horizontal flowpacker this year. The machine has excellent specifications, is very compact and only consists of European components.

In addition, the flowpacker is fully CE approved. The CE marking is Omori Europe’s way of showing that the machine complies with all applicable guidelines and legislation. The new flowpacker has been welcomed with a lot of enthusiasm and several machines have already been sold in the European market.

Close collaboration resulted in innovative machine

The innovative technology behind the new machine is the result of close collaboration with Omori Japan and Lenze Netherlands. Omori Machinery in Japan is one of the largest manufacturers of horizontal flow-wrappers in the world and supports its customers with high quality equipment and distinctive packaging solutions.

Our partnership with Lenze, which is a highly regarded specialist in motion centric automation, is somewhat more recent. But the company is actually responsible for the innovative servo motors and servo drives used in Omori Europe’s new horizontal flowpacker.

The decision to collaborate with Lenze was easily made. For instance, the company not only has the knowledge and capacity to supply complete automation systems, but its solutions are also very compact and efficient. In addition, it also supports Omori Europe when it comes to software development and engineering.

Highly convenient and reliable service

The integration of advanced technologies by Omori Japan and Lenze Netherlands has resulted in an efficient flow-wrapper with very compact dimensions, which can be integrated into any production environment. And the machine has proven to be very user-friendly for production workers as well as maintenance teams.

Service activities and component sales for this and other European flow-wrappers have been in the capable hands of Selo for many years. You can rely on a service team featuring 25 well qualified engineers, who are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For further information about the new horizontal flowpacker, please send an e-mail to or phone us via +31 (0)541 582 026.