Interview with a colleague, Ludo Colson

Ludo Colson

He has been working for Selo Belgium Bvba in Bornem since last May, and he’ll be the first to admit he’s having a great time. Sales manager Ludo Colson, a Belgian resident in Lommel, is involved in the sale of Omori flow packers and also provides customers with technical support for the plastic casings product group. We asked him about his duties and the developments in the current market.

What role do you have at Selo Belgium Bvba?

I’m a sales manager, and have spent 39 years working in packaging. I have both a technical background and plenty of sales experience, which means that this role was truly designed for me.

What do your tasks as a sales manager involve?

A significant part of my job focuses on interaction with customers, but I also play an active role in the sales of Omori flow wrappers and stretch wrappers. I’m responsible for the Belgium and Luxembourg regions, and I also visit a number of prospects. Even though there are Omori Europe machines in Belgium, there is relatively little brand awareness of Omori, so part of my role involves increasing this awareness.

How do you combine this with offering technical support?

These two tasks are entirely separate, and that’s what makes my role so versatile. If there is ever a production glitch when manufacturing plastic casings, I come along to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Customers can also contact me if they have any queries relating to machines. I provide a quote for the right machine for the application they require at that point.

Are you noticing any particular customer requirements at the moment?

In Belgium, resealable flow packaging has yet to reach many supermarkets, but we’re slowly starting to see a change. These kinds of packaging were conceived by Omori Europe and developed on horizontal flowpack machines. The ease of opening (especially for older people) and the distribution of this type of packaging has meant that they are now reaching the Belgian market. Omori Europe has introduced this resealable packaging to the Dutch market and as the major player in this field, is supplying turnkey packaging lines. This resealable packaging has also recently been introduced in the UK. It is my ambition to build on our outstanding reputation in this area and, of course, to see resealable flowpack on the Belgian supermarket shelves.

Is there a specific machine that is generating interest among customers?

Omori Europe has developed a new European flowpacker, which is truly state-of-the-art. The machine is characterised by outstanding specifications, has been constructed in a highly compact way, and has a complete range of European components. The quality is of a higher standard than the previous generations, and Omori has been setting the bar for some time. In addition, this flowpacker is fully CE certified. With the CE marking, Omori Europe is confirming, as a manufacturer, that the machine is complying with all the relevant guidelines and legislation. We’re really looking forward to finding out how it’s gone down among our customers in Belgium and Luxembourg. The first series of Omori Europe packaging machines has since been introduced to the market, with great success.

How are you enjoying it at Omori so far?

It’s great! I’m part of a great team and enjoy working with colleagues from different countries. My current role is a perfect fit with my skills and experience, and that is one of the many reasons why I’m working for Selo Belgium. It also means I can work with Omori machines. I certainly feel like I’m in the right place!


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