Interview with colleague Gerbert Pegge

He has worked for Omori for more than 11 years already and has been closely involved in the growth of the business. Service technician Gerbert Pegge supports both customers and colleagues with his knowledge of packaging machinery and complete production lines. We asked him about his duties and the need for regular maintenance.

What’s your job at Omori?

I am a service technician. It’s a challenging job with very varied duties. I’m responsible for things like production supervision, revision and relocations but I’m also involved in training, maintenance and service in the event of faults.

That is a wide range of tasks. To whom do you provide training?

Sometimes colleagues, but also regularly to customers. It’s not just the technical people at a company who have to be up to speed with the way the machines work, it’s also the production staff who are on the line almost every day. By providing clear instructions we ensure that the customer gets the best from his production line.

So a thorough knowledge of the machines is required to get the best possible end result?

Absolutely. That’s also the reason why we always take care of installation ourselves. As a service technician I focus mainly on the larger lines such as the 5000 series. These are complex machines which have to be installed correctly.

Does that help to prevent faults?

Absolutely. We also notice that in many cases, regular maintenance prevents faults in packaging machinery. Within the company we are also involved in planning these maintenance activities in a more structured manner. Regular maintenance is also desirable for the customer, because in our sector, an unexpected fault often means production downtime. And that’s something to be prevented at all costs.

And what happens if a fault occurs anyway?

Then one of our service technicians visits the site the same day. Depending on location, it could be the following day, but never longer than that. This is unique in the sector, as with other companies this usually takes a week or so.

So Omori’s service is exceptionally quick?

Absolutely. I think that our service also stands out head and shoulders above the rest in other areas. We are extremely flexible and can respond to pretty much any customer need. This is because in most cases we have all the required knowledge and materials in-house.¬† And you don’t usually get that nowadays.