Interview with colleague Ruud van Ingen

Having worked at Omori Europe for more than 20 years, he is a genuine jack of all markets. Sales Executive Ruud van Ingen supports both customers and clients with his broad knowledge and targeted advice. We talked to him about his professional background and daily activities.

Ruud van Ingen

Ruud van Ingen

What position do you hold at Omori?

I currently have a dual function. Naturally, I work as a sales representative, but I also provide sales support to both clients and colleagues. I can’t imagine a more perfect role for me. I support new colleagues when necessary with my factual knowledge and clients know where to find me when they have questions about any one of many topics.

Do you have any examples of such topics?

Where do I start? These range from general information on machines to specific knowledge about the market. I always try to provide the client with the best possible advice. As an experience expert, I know the requirements in specific sectors and specifications needed in certain situations.

That expertise seems to me to be important for providing good advice.

More than that, it’s essential. Knowledge about things like products and required foils is of considerable added value for our clients. Of course, we have lots of clients who already know these things. But there are also clients who are not as well informed. I’m more than happy to assist them, so that they can make the best possible choices and not have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Where did you learn all of this?

I have a background as a food technology specialist. But I’ve also spent many years in the machinery world and have worked at a company specialising in fumigation. I’ve also worked extensively at Omori with products that are gassed in order, for example, to make them more durable. In that sense, my many years of work experience certainly comes in handy when advising clients.

How many years of work experience are we talking about?

I’ve now been working in this field for more than 30 years, of which more than 20 have been at Omori. I was away for five years, of course, but I still fondly remember selling flow packers for the company back in 1993. That makes me and Jeroen Mulder two of the long-timers within the organisation.

Have you enjoyed working at Omori all these years?

Absolutely! What I especially enjoy is the amount of responsibility I’m given and the freedom it brings. This lets you give projects your own personal touch and that’s something I really enjoy. You’re given ample opportunity to make your own decisions. Of course, those actions need to produce results. Satisfied clients and machinery sales are always the ultimate goal.

Sounds like a flexible organisation.

It definitely is. I’ve worked for large companies in the past where all paperwork needed to be signed in quadruplicate. At Omori, we have a flat organisation where we jointly make significant decisions relatively quickly. That’s one of the things I like best about this company. And one of the reasons I came back to work here!