Interview with Wendy Bos

Our customer Vandersterre Groep Packaging recently won an award with Prima Donna maturo sliced cheese, packaged in resealable packaging by Omori. There is no doubt about the quality of the award-winning product, but it can’t be ignored that the packaging played an important part in showing off the product. We asked operational director Wendy Bos about working with Omori.

How long have Omori and Vandersterre been working together?

We have been working together for many years. When I started at our packaging site in Grootebroek, we already had an Omori flowpack line. The relationship has expanded significantly since, not in the least because we very much believed in the 3-side sealing machine. That was more than 20 years ago.

Why choose Omori?

We had a choice of multiple parties at the time, but because of our excellent experiences with Omori’s line, the choice was easy. Other considerations also played a role, however. Yes, value is important, but good support no less so.

What is the support like?

At Omori, the regular maintenance of machinery is perfectly organised. But the company is always ready to help in case of emergencies too. Our issues often require customised solutions, unlike those of parties with a large volume line. It is very pleasant to note that Omori thinks out of the box and can find a good solution for just about any situation.

Prima Donna maturo

Which Omori packaging machines does Vandersterre use?

We have always had one flowpack line and two fastpack lines, which have been replaced once. In addition, we use an offset centre seal for resealable packaging. For packaging pieces of cheese, we have the Selo pouch bag line. A year ago we started using the Selopack, an innovative type of packaging that is easy to open and reseal.


What are the most important packaging criteria for cheese products?

For our products in particular, it is important that the product looks fresh. Prima Donna maturo is an example of a quality cheese that deserves to be packed in a way that shows off its appearance. Today’s customer also insists on a good shelf life and packaging that is easy to open. These are all things that Omori can offer us, along with the high efficiency and output of the packaging machines. Needless to say, we are very satisfied with our collaboration!

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