Japan is at the forefront of the latest packaging developments

We recently outlined the most significant packaging trends in 2016. Trends such as resealability, sustainability and packaging format currently play an important role. But from where do these packaging trends originate? The answer is Japan: the country responsible for the latest developments in packaging for many years now.

Strict requirements on appearance and ease of use.

Anyone who has ever travelled in Japan will know that packaging in that country is at least as important as its contents. Attractive packs form an essential component of the culture there and are an absolute must. A product that is encased by nondescript packaging will not find favour with the critical Japanese consumer.

It is not only the appearance, but also the ease of use of a pack, which must comply with the strictest requirements. So for example, various items in Japan contain a product description in Braille, so that blind people can also easily find the right product in the supermarket.

Japan plays a pioneering role with packaging innovations

The consequence is that the country has played a pioneering role in packaging innovation for some time now. From resealable packaging to elegant ribbons and from sustainable packaging solutions to stylish bags: the attractive and handy packs available in Japan set the trend for the rest of the world.

Also in other countries, such as the United States and now also the Netherlands, Japanese innovations are now slowly but surely being adopted. This is a good development, because high quality packaging results in considerably higher ease of use and reduces unnecessary food spillage.

Omori’s Japanese roots guarantee innovative packaging solutions

It is also important for Dutch packaging manufacturers to keep a close eye on developments in Japan. This is not an onerous task for Omori, as our Japanese roots are an important driver behind our innovations in the field of packaging machines and processes.

We are happy to share these innovations with our customers by participating in major trade fairs and other events within the sector. So this year we will be attending the European trade fair for packaging solutions FachPack, which takes place in Nuremberg in Germany from 27 September to 29 September 2016.

Anyone who wants to view the very latest packaging trends with their own eyes would also be well advised to pay a visit to Tokyo Pack, the largest Asian trade fair in the packaging sector. Here, manufacturers not only demonstrate the latest finished packaging products and innovations, they also exhibit promising prototypes which are still in development. In short:more than enough inspiration for anyone who is interested in packaging!