Leepack upright bag machine: change format without tools

The ProSweets trade fair will take place from 27 to 30 January 2019 in Cologne. Naturally, Omori Europe will also be in attendance. We will not only showcase our in-house series of flow packers, but also the innovative Leepack upright bag machine which is part of our range. We will be pleased to inform all interested parties about our machines during the fair. But here is a glimpse of what you can expect:

Leepack stazakken machine: formaat wijzigen zonder gereedschap

What can you expect from the Leepack upright bag machine?

The Leepack upright bag machine offers many benefits to manufacturers. It helps to save a lot of time because the format of pre-shaped upright bags can be changed easily and quickly (5 minutes). Only one operator is needed to easily fill the bag cartridge for the whole Leepack machine. It is also possible to use the touchscreen to programme an automatic format or recipe change or remove filled bags if this does not occur automatically.

Most manufacturers believe that pre-shaped upright bags are a lot more expensive than upright bags produced from a roll of film. We challenge you to test this theory at Omori Europe’s stand and compare our VFFS machine with a machine that produces upright bags from a roll. We would like to show you how quickly the format or recipe change can be carried out and how little film is lost in practice.

During roll-based production, a lot of bags must first be produced before the upright bag has the desired format. This not only demanding for manufacturers when it comes to film use and time, but also places extra burden on the environment. This is because a lot of plastic tends to be wasted before a bag with the correct format is produced.

Versatile packaging machine encourages sales

Companies that work with pre-produced upright bags appreciate the great flexibility of the Leepack machine. This is partly due to the wide range of bag widths, formats, labels and closures used on the machine. In the confectionery sector, Omori Europe has many customers that package everything including standard doypacks, doypacks with a zipper and duty-free hand luggage; and all with a single machine.

In our view, a pre-produced bag offers visual appeal on the shelf and is also of much higher quality than a bag that is produced from a roll. This is also demonstrated by the sales figures of our customers. When shopping, many consumers prefer products that have attractive packagings. In addition, higher quality packaging suggests a high quality product.

In other sections of the food industry and the pet foods sector, filled bags are transported to an autoclave once they have been closed. Pre-produced bags have more stable welded seams and are thus used in these industries for safety and quality reasons.

Service and maintenance

Omori Europe is able to offer customers 24/7 service. We employ 25 in-house engineers who specialise in our packaging machines. Naturally, we also supply spare parts for all our packaging machines, which are kept in stock at our premises in Oldenzaal.

Omori Europe also has its own production facilities, which are supported by a qualified engineering, operation and service team and a special department for the sale of spare parts. We not only supply machines, but also turn-key projects and fantastic packaging solutions.

Would you like to know more about Omori flow packers or our innovative Leepack upright bag machine? Then visit us in hall 10.1 G070 during the ProSweets fair in Cologne. Would you like a demonstration with your product? Then please feel free to visit our demonstration facility in Oldenzaal for a comprehensive product test.