Modified Atmosphere Packaging: long shelf life and a traditional appearance

Modified Atmosphere Packaging: long shelf life and a traditional appearance
Bacteria in packaging reduces the shelf life of food products, including fresh produce. Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, is the ideal method of slowing down this process. MAP not only results in an improved shelf life, but also protects the product and ensures that it is well-presented.

How is Modified Atmosphere Packaging created?

MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) is a well-known type of packaging in which the product is packaged in a protective atmosphere with a gas or mixture of gases. A variant of this packaging method is also known as BDF (Barrier Display Film).

A frequently-used production method for gas packaging is air displacement by rinsing with gas. These methods can both be found in flowpack and a distinction is made between two types:

BDF (horizontal flow wrap)

Using this method, the product is placed on a tray, which is put on an infeed conveyor and fed into the pre-formed film tube. The film is then shaped into a tube using a forming collar, is sealed lengthwise and on the front and continuously rinsed with gas, where the flow direction is opposite to the direction of product movement. The gas pushes out ‘undesirable’ outdoor air from the packaging, after which the final sealing takes place and the film is shrunk tightly around the product. The lower the oxygen content, the more effective the Modified Atmosphere Packaging and the longer the shelf life.

3-sided seal (horizontal flow wrap)

A variant of this type of packaging is Oxygen Free Packaging and the industrial Fastpack packaging. This type of packaging, also known as 3-sided sealing, is a special variety designed for packaging fresh (cut) meats, either with or without an underlay dish. In this system, a special forming collar is used to shape a film tube in which the length seal is applied not on the underside, but on the side. This results in packaging that couples a long shelf life with a traditional appearance. The optional use of an extremely thin, crystal-clear film reinforces the freshness of the product and provides a highly attractive presentation on the shop floor.

The major benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

The major benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging
The countless benefits of MAP are currently resulting in a strong demand in the market. Omori plays into this with the Omori DW-2003-G, a new and unique packaging machine that creates a traditional tray stretch foil packaging (shrink-wrapping) using fumigation. The benefits of this MAP include:

De nieuwe Omori DW-2003-G stretchwrapper

The new Omori DW-2003-G stretchwrapper


Retains product quality:

  • Extends shelf life
  • Transport over greater distances
  • Inhibits bacterial growth and bacteriostatic effect
  • Suppresses degradation of taste, rancidity, fat and oil
  • Suppresses decrease in nutritional value and aroma

Reduced costs

  • Longer expiration date
  • Production adaptation possible, reduced equipment costs, change in working conditions
  • Reduced storage and transport costs for factories and storage facilities

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