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Ergonomic packaging by Omori

Apr 2019

Marketing managers normally pay a lot of attention to the appearance of packaging. However, they seem to pay less attention to how easy it is for users to open the packaging. This means many packagings do not offer a good user experience in practice. But the ergonomic packagings created by Omori machines are an exception to this rule.

The advantages of ergonomic packaging

It is often quite difficult to open and close certain packagings. This inconvenience is often caused by minor issues. For instance, cheese packaging without a peelable corner, and rolls of biscuits without a tear-off ribbon, can often be a source of frustration for many users. And not to mention pots with slippery lids, which are impossible to open…

In fact, the poor ergonomic properties of many packagings should come as no real surprise. Marketing managers and designers normally have other priorities when designing their packagings. Functionality and appearance tend to be more important than a good user experience. But Omori believes one need not come at the expense of the other.

We thus see it as our moral duty to make sure packagings are more than just good to look at. We aim to maximise user-friendliness for each target group and offer customers the opportunity to select an ergonomic alternative to the packaging they require – this is useful, effective, efficient, safe and comfortable. Doing so, we can increase the likelihood of satisfied consumers.

Packaging machines that respect basic ergonomic principles

Although designers can make packaging nice and handy, they must also bear in mind several basic ergonomic principles when doing so. Omori has been integrating these principles into its packaging machines for many years, which means it can guarantee the best possible end result.

Our packaging machines feature a wide range of blades for the very highest opening convenience. This means customers can choose from a number of different options. For instance, a tear-off ribbon is unnecessary if customers opt for a zig-zag blade or a blade with a V-notch. This helps to reduce material use and waste, and means consumers do not have to cut the packaging to open it – it can easily be torn open with a simple action.

Such user-friendly packaging offers many benefits, particularly at a time when more and more elderly people are living alone in their own homes. In addition, they also make consumers more likely to buy your products. After all, who doesn’t want greater convenience?

See below to check out the wide range of machine options we offer for ergonomic packaging:

Verpakkingsmachine opties ergonomische verpakking