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Omori Europe will not participate in trade fairs in the year of 2020

Aug 2020

In recent weeks we have seen the spread of the Corona virus increasing and as a result many places and areas on the map in Europe turned orange. In both the Netherlands and Belgium, regulations have been tightened to prevent a second time lock-down. Everyone is asked to use common sense and take each other into account, “That’s how we beat Corona,” said Hugo de Jonge, our Dutch Minister of Health.

Of course we would like to return to the normal situation before this pandemic. Crowded aisles with interested visitors and making new connections during an event, social distance is not a concern. Unfortunately, we are not that far yet.

Participating in an event without an effective vaccine against the Corona virus is irresponsible in our opinion. In the context of being a good employer, we do not take any unnecessary risks in regards to the health of our employees. In our eyes social distance and wearing masks is not pleasant to receive our upcoming customers and new contacts at a booth.

That is why we will soon come with alternatives. Keep an eye on our website and social media to stay up to date.