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Stretch wrapper: ideal for the food sector

Jan 2018

In the food sector, very high standards are imposed on the packaging of food products. Not only must the product be packed at high speed, it must also be firmly sealed and attractively presented. Omori’s stretch wrappers are the ideal packing machines to fulfil these requirements.

STN 8500

So how exactly does a stretch wrapper work?
Stretch wrappers are also referred to as stretch tray wrappers, tray wrappers or stretch film machines and are suitable for the efficient in-line packing of numerous food products. During the packing process the products lie on a tray whilst the film (a thin plastic film) is pre-stretched into a tubular shape. The tray containing the product is then fed into the film tube.

The machine seals the film along the bottom of the tray in a lengthwise direction, after which the film is cut at the front and rear. Using a vacuum installation, the film ends are folded under the tray, where the final seal is ultimately made. The air atmosphere remains unaltered in the packaging remains unaltered during the process.

Revolutionary concept changes packing process
The many benefits of Omori stretch wrappers have ensured that these packaging machines have achieved a 90% global market share. this was not always the case. In the past, many companies developed so-called ‘elevator style’ wrappers for the food industry. These machines were able to process around 30 to 60 packs per minute.

In 1974 Omori introduced a completely new concept in the field of stretch wrapping, in which the trays moved through the machine in a continuous horizontal line and the film was carefully stretched around the product. This resulted in a higher packaging speed of 80 packs per minute, a considerable reduction in damage during packaging and a substantial reduction in film costs.

The best stretch wrapper on the market
More than 4 decades later, Omori has 2 stretch wrappers on the market: the Omori STN 8500 and the Omori STC-N1. The latter is the entry level model which in the correct conditions can guarantee production of 60 packs per minute. The STC-N1’s new folding system not only ensures that folding and turning runs much tighter, it also leaves considerably less residual air in the packaging.

The jewel in the crown of Omori’s stretch wrappers is without doubt the STN 8500, a high-speed machine with a maximum capacity of 150 packs per minute. Naturally, that capacity depends on factors such as packaging dimensions and input speed. The STN 8500 is without doubt head and shoulders the best and quickest stretch wrapper currently on the market. Combined with its high level of user friendliness, this ensures that the machine is used very widely in sectors like the mushroom industry.

Champignons verpakt door een Omori stretchwrapper
Mushrooms wrapped by a Omori stretchwrapper

Installation of complete production lines is also possible
Although Omori is famous for the supply of stand-alone stretch wrappers such as the STN 8500, we also specialise in the installation of complete production lines. If required, we also install our packaging machines in existing production lines such as closed-loop systems. Would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us without obligation via or call +31 (0)88 666 7420.

Voorbeeld van een Omori stretchwrapper

Omori STN 8500 stretchwrapper