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The quickest box motion flow packer in the world

Aug 2017

You want your products to be sealed quickly, securely, and ensure they look great. But which seal film and technique is best to use? In this article, we will examine the various options and discuss the benefits of Omori’s box motion flow packers – at 400 packets per minute, the fastest in the world!


Should you use hot or cold sealable film?

Generally speaking, a distinction can be made between two types of sealable film: hot and cold. The decision on the best type of film to use depends on a range of variables. These include the specific properties of the product, the capacity required and the speed, barriers required such as UV and oxygen, water vapour, material costs and a hermetic seal.

Cold sealable film consists of a basic material (the carrier) and a thin layer of glue. This type of film is sealed by pressing two layers of glue together, meaning it is not a true welding process.

This means that cold sealable film offers an inferior level of protection and less hermetic sealing than hot sealable film. However, it is perfectly suited to packaging temperature-sensitive products such as chocolate or production processes in which a high level of speed plays an important role. A hot sealable film is the best alternative when seals with a high integrity are required.

Strong, appealing seals with box motion sealing

A rapidly-developing trend in seal packaging over the last few years has been the use of box motion flow wrappers. This is ideally suited to high products (measuring over 140mm) that require air-tight or gas-tight packaging.

Box motion sealing results in strong and appealing seals. But because the sealers remain in constant contact throughout the production process and move with the product, the sealing time is relatively long compared with rotating sealing. Box motion sealers are therefore relatively slow when compared to rotating sealers.

The fastest box motion flow packer in the world

However, times have changed: new innovations at Omori have ensured revolutionary speed improvements. At as many as 400 packets per minute, Omori flow packers are the quickest in the world.

Our horizontal EP series flow packer also combines these high speeds with a range of other benefits. Omori’s flow packer box motion is easy to clean, extremely hygienic, easy to maintain, and has a demonstrably long service life. In addition, you can rely on outstanding seal integrity and reliable hermetic seals.

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