Omori attends Cheese Innovation Days 2017

Weber Maschinenbau organised its Cheese Innovation Days 2017 between 14 and 16 November. This caused 200 visitors from over 22 countries to make their way to Breidenbach, in the German state of Hessen. They were inspired by a diverse programme featuring special lectures, machine demonstrations and an exhilarating partner exhibition.

Kaas Innovatie Dagen 2017

Lectures about developments in the international cheese market

The special lectures given during the event deserve a bit of extra attention. One of the leading experts to give a lecture was Georg Herbertz, from German company Herbertz Dairy Food Service. His lecture shed light on the latest developments, expectations and trends in the current international cheese market.

For instance, he pointed out that consumers as well as traders will be closely monitoring market developments and demand for milk and dairy products in the near future. Demand for cheese is expected to increase significantly in the coming years due to developments in worldwide demographics. It is thus important for the sector to be well prepared for this unmistakeable trend.

Besides Herbertz’s commentary, the lecture by Dr. Claudia Stancu and Dr. Christian Theel also attracted a lot of attention. As a specialist in plasma surface technology at the Leibniz-Institut für Plasmaforschung, Stancu knows everything about the possibilities of cold plasma. And as CEO of neoplas GmbH, Theel was able to seamlessly incorporate her ideas into those of Stancu.

Partner exhibition another attraction at the event

However, the highlight of the event – namely the partner exhibition – actually took place once all the lectures had been completed. Omori Europe was also in attendance with the latest developments in the field of resealable packaging. Not only for sliced cheese, but also for cheese wedges or blocks in an upright resealable packaging.

The trend of resealable packaging, which has been witnessed in Dutch supermarkets for quite some time now, was a pleasant surprise to visitors from near and far. Not only because this packaging looks appealing and artisanal on the shelf, but also because it reduces the use of plastic.

The resealable packaging of Omori Europe contains 50% less plastic than traditional types of packaging. Considering our ageing population, the packaging is extra appealing because it is user friendly for the elderly. The packaging also helps reduce the amount of product that is thrown away. Click here for more information about the benefits of this type of packaging.