Oxygen absorbers for Omori flowpack

Longer life-span and improved safety thanks to oxygen absorbers

Packaging in a protected atmosphere, which is also referred to as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), is a very familiar packaging method that helps to maximise the shelf-life of packaged products. Shelf-life can be improved even further by using an oxygen absorber, which helps to effectively reduce the amount of oxygen in the packaging.

Oxygen absorbers also help to improve product safety. The absorbers comply with the strictest EU regulations and have been designed for direct contact with food. This means they are ideal for situations where foodstuffs need to be stored for a longer period of time, like in the baking industry.

Oxygen absorbers for a better smell, colour and taste

Oxygen absorbers are normally packaged inside a porous bag in accordance with the food guidelines on the packaging. This means the contents remain fresher, thus improving taste, colour and smell. For example, a product like ham is highly susceptible to discolouration when it comes into contact with oxygen. Using an oxygen absorber helps to prevent this and reduces food wastage because less food is thrown away.

Besides being quick to discolour, packaged ham also contains sodium nitrate (E250). This substance serves as a colourant and preservative, but is not very healthy. If an oxygen absorber is used to reduce oxygen, manufacturers can change their recipes and thus make products that are healthier for consumers. E250 is also found in products like hot dogs, smoked sausage, bacon, salami, luncheon meats, paté, chicken fillets and frozen pizzas.

Non-binding demonstration of flow wrapper with oxygen dispenser

Artisanal packaging like re-sealable flowpacks are currently very popular in national and international supermarkets. For instance, if a very long shelf-life (of e.g. 28 days) is needed, you can easily incorporate an absorber into the package.

The Omori flow wrapper can glue the absorber directly into packaging like the SeloPack™ or the BellPack. Consumers will not even notice this and simply buy their re-sealable packaging as normal. Besides using a separate absorber or a label-based absorber, the Omori flow wrapper is also able to package inline absorbers at a rate of 250 per minute.

This horizontal flow wrapper with oxygen dispenser can currently be viewed at the premises of Omori Europe. Would you like us to demonstrate this innovative machine and provide further information about opportunities for your specific situation? Then please call +31 (0)541 582 026 or send an e-mail to