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Packaging innovations



Flowpack, flowwrap, pillow pack, klappack, horizontal bagging are synonyms referring to the same packaging style; a plastic wrap folded around the product and sealed along the horizontal (long) axis. A perfect way to pack consumer goods and to extend product shelf life. Omori Europe have gained considerable experience with modified atmosphere packaging and decreasing oxygen residual in the pack.

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With its resealable flowpacks, including the BellPack, AriaPack™ and the SeloPack™, Omori proves that not only can things be easier, they can look more desirable and be better for the environment too. The aim is to maximise user-friendliness for each target group and offer customer’s the opportunity to select an ergonomic alternative to the packaging they require.

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Pouches have a number of benefits compared to jars or cans, such as process advantages, (improved/faster sterilisation), transport advantages, marketing advantages (full colour print possibilities, enhanced appearance on the shelf) and to the customer. Available in many shapes and styles such as the traditional doypack, flat pouches without a bottom or standup pouches and also suitable for pouches with spout or zipper.

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Reduced use of environmentally harmful materials, increased ease of opening and simple resealability are the main driving forces in developing new and innovate packaging forms. We cooperate with a large number of leading packaging materials producers over the entire world to develop special technologies for our customers. This way, we constantly set new standards in the domain of technology, efficiency and reliability.

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Packaging innovations
Creative & eco-friendly solutions

It is often quite difficult to open and close certain packaging styles. This inconvenience is often caused by minor issues. For instance, cheese packaging without a peelable corner, and rolls of biscuits without a tear-off ribbon, can often be a source of frustration for many users. Not to mention pots with slippery lids, which are impossible to open. But the ergonomic packagings created by Omori machines are an exception to this rule.


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Jeroen Mulder – Director Innovations