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Sustainable packaging for pet food

Strong growth in the premium pet food market is boosting demand for advanced packaging. Pet lovers want packaging that is attractive, informative and protective, just like the packaging for any other food product.

Thanks to our broad knowledge of the pet food market and years of experience in the packaging sector, we are ideally placed to support producers of dry and wet pet food and snacks. With our complete packaging lines, you can package your products more efficiently and reduce your packaging costs.


Wet pet food

Two types of product typify the wet pet food segment: a combination of chunks with gravy, and pâté. Both products are increasingly packaged in a preformed stand-up pouch for obvious reasons: optimal flexibility, a high degree of automation, short changeover times and a shorter autoclave sterilisation process due to better heat transfer.

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Dry pet food

Packaging dry pet food products is a tricky process. After cooling, cutting and coating in some cases, the flow of bulk product is channelled to the primary packaging system for filling into bags. This type of product is generally packaged in stand-up pouches.

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Flow wrapping is perfect for packaging pet food snacks. The Omori flowpack machines are ideally suited to this application due to their excellent flexibility, reliability and performance. We can also provide solutions for automating the front end process.

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Your partner for pet food packaging

Wet pet food (50% chunks, 50% gravy) is often packaged in pouches. Omori Europe supplies complete production lines for wet pet food. Including the gravy unit, steam tunnel and the complete packaging line with a multihead weigher and quadruplex Leepack machine capable of filling the pouches with chunks and gravy in a two-shot cycle at a speed of 160 pouches per minute.


Jonker Petfood B.V.
Efficient packaging line for premium pet food

Jonker Petfood focuses on producing dry pet food for dogs and cats in the basic, medium and premium segments for international private labels. The company works to the highest quality assurance standards to continuously guarantee high-quality pet food for its customers. They have selected us as their partner for the packaging process.

“Fast service is essential for any company’s continuity and Omori Europe have never disappointed us in the time we have done business with them”.

Martin Sonneveld – production director

The influence of packaging on market trends

There is not much that people will not do for their pets and this bond has become even stronger in recent years. Many studies have been conducted in order to identify trends in pet food. This prompted us to investigate the influence of packaging on pet food sales in relation to the trends we see in the market.



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Several pet food manufacturers have already benefited from this collaboration.

“When we need you, we know we can rely on a good outcome”
Martin Sonneveld, Jonker Petfood


Design & Engineering

In addition to standard flowpack machines, we also supply custom-made systems, such as a fully bespoke feed system to ensure optimal delivery of the product to your packaging machine. Our extensive experience makes us the ideal partner for custom-made systems for your products.

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Originally a distributor of packaging equipment with exclusive agency contracts, Omori Europe has evolved into a manufacturer of packaging machinery in recent years. Obviously, we source high-end equipment from our partners all over the world. However, in response to demand for increasingly specific applications, we have started to specialise more in engineering and manufacturing machines or machine parts.

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Obviously, as an Omori customer, you can count on our support 24/7. Our technical specialists answer your questions by phone or visit your site to provide assistance. We help you get your production line up and running again quickly and keep downtime to a minimum.

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