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Packaging dry pet food

Give your products a unique identity

Packaging dry pet food products is a tricky process. After cooling, cutting and coating in some cases, the flow of bulk product is channelled to the primary packaging system for filling into bags. This type of product is generally packaged in stand-up pouches.

This flexible form of packaging offers the degree of protection required to prevent spoilage of the dried feed and can be resealed with a zipper to prevent dehydration. In addition, the stand-up pouch offers an extensive surface for printed branding, which makes it possible to give products their own unique and distinctive identity and build strong stopping power on the shelf.


Verpakken van droog diervoer Omori Europe


Optimal efficiency and maximum cost-effectiveness

Omori Europe offers complete filling and packaging lines for stand-up pouches from the transfer point of the bulk product to the secondary packaging unit. Because a single organisation is responsible for the entire process and all the components are optimally matched to each other, the packaging line achieves optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Controlled flow to the multihead weigher

A controlled feed to the weigher is required in order to be able to portion, fill and package the product flow. Various conveyor systems can be used for this, such as Z-Conveyors, vibrating screens, vibratory feeders and trough belt conveyors. These systems ensure that the multihead weigher is loaded when it requests product.


Multihead wegers op bordes - Omori Europe

Stazak Verpakkingslijn Omori Europe

The packaging process

The multihead weigher, also known as a combination weigher, consists of a central core with weighing heads around the periphery. The feed system deposits the chunks in the centre of the machine where a cone distributes the product to the different heads.

Vibratory conveyors then transport product to the pool hoppers, which dump the product into the weigh hoppers. The multihead weigher analyses the weight of the product in the weigh hoppers and calculates the combination required to meter exactly the right quantity. This combination of weigh hoppers opens to dump the product via a funnel onto a transfer system that deposits it in the pouch that is already hanging ready in the Leepack filling and sealing machine for stand-up pouches.

A custom-made support platform for the multihead weigher ensures good positioning above the packaging machine, accurate alignment between the weigher’s outfeed and the filling station on the Leepack and sufficient space on top of the platform to allow access to the weigher. Omori Europe’s platforms are made from stainless steel as standard and fitted with stairs, a handrail, drainage facilities and a toe board. A washing wall can also be provided for easy cleaning of the hoppers.

Maximum user convenience and fast changeover times

The Leepack pouch filling and sealing machines are characterised by excellent durability and flexibility, optimal user convenience, fast changeover times and high efficiency. These packaging machines are intermittent rotary turret systems with grippers that hang the preformed pouches in the turret. The turret then rotates intermittently, automatically performing a specific action at each stopping position.

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