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Packaging for pet food snacks

Flexible and reliable packaging solution

Flow wrapping is perfect for packaging pet food snacks. Omori horizontal flowpack machines with SIEMENS controls and LENZE servo motor drives are ideal for this application due to their excellent flexibility, reliability and performance. Omori Europe can also supply solutions for front-end process automation.

Omori Europe verpakken van petfood snacks


Omori Europe verpakt Whimzy hondensnack

Optimal efficiency through automation

Chew sticks, dental sticks, strips or spirals are generally extruded on multiple tracks and cut to length before being packaged in a specific quantity or at a specific weight. The process from the cutter to final placing of the products in the secondary packaging (cardboard box) involves counting, grouping, separating, transporting, spacing and flow wrapping.
Manually counting and feeding product into the packaging machine is both time-consuming and an extremely inefficient use of resources and manpower.

Omori Europe can set up a fully automated process for this. Because all the components in the packaging line are supplied by a single organisation and optimally matched to each other, the packaging line achieves optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Linked operation; for synchronous packaging of your snacks

Your packaging process must run safely, smoothly and efficiently at all times, regardless of whether it is manual or fully automated. This basic principle is common to all the packaging machines installed in the field by Omori Europe. So linked operation is a key design feature. The Omori packaging machine follows the speed of the cutter, and therefore the extruder, in this set-up. As a result, the Omori flowpack machine packages the sticks synchronously with the output from the extruder to achieve optimum capacity usage.

Several options are available for obtaining the desired number of portions. The degree of automation and complexity depends on the capacity and flexibility of the line and the level of product diversity. Based on the user’s specific wishes and needs, we develop a system that fits the available space and matches the organisational parameters. A qualified team of engineers helps resolve issues associated with the specific production process.



Guaranteed continuous packaging flow

The Omori flowpack machines are available as film top-loading or bottom-loading models and integrated with the feed system to position the sticks correctly in order to ensure a continuous packaging process, avoid stoppages at the extruder and minimise product wastage.

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