Resealable BellPack packaging now used by Tesco

Resealable BellPack packaging now used by Tesco

Since recently, renowned supermarket chain Tesco has been using Omori Europe’s BellPack for its luxury product range, Tesco Finest. This resealable packaging is characterised by a nice design and an easy-to-reseal user-friendly opening. Another special feature about the resealable flowpack is its environment-friendliness – a theme that is of great importance to Omori.

Tesco Finest

Resealable flowpack for sliced meat by Tesco Finest

Tesco Finest is a range of products within Tesco’s assortment and includes products like sliced meats. As a specialist in packaging solutions for this product category, Omori has developed a solution (BellPack) that perfectly meets the supermarket chain’s needs.

The resealable packaging is very user-friendly and is also an eye-catcher on the shelf thanks to its artisinal appearance. In the meantime, supermarket customers have welcomed the new packaging with great enthusiasm.

Packaging weight halved to reduce environmental burden

Just like Omori, Tesco is aware of today’s environmental issues and wants to create a healthy living environment for future generations. This is reflected in its decision to opt for the BellPack; packaging that weighs 50% less than its predecessor (10 grams compared to 20 grams).

The reduction in packaging weight means it takes less material to produce it, and reduces storage space and transport costs. This in-turn leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions. Such subtle changes throughout the chain will eventually help to significantly reduce environmental burden.

Omori actively contributes to reducing plastic soup

A fifty percent reduction in packaging weight will have a particularly positive impact on the infamous ‘plastic soup’ – one of today’s hot issues, where Omori – as a producer of packaging machines – is more than willing to accept its responsibility. Our aim is to use innovative solutions to reduce the amount of plastic used in our living environment wherever possible.

This is one of the reasons why we have decided to focus on resealable packaging. We can keep products fresher because several of our packaging concepts are sealable. When it comes to Tesco Finest, the products in question are sliced meats. Resealable packaging leads to less product waste because products do not have to be thrown away after drying out.

Continuous innovation in packaging and machines

Besides packaging, packaging machines are another important point of focus in Omori’s environment-friendly strategy. Some of the current stampers have, for example, been replaced by Omori flowpackers, which has helped to significantly reduce energy consumption. In addition, producers can count on major cost savings because the machines are smaller and need less supply and correction belts. This also means less floor space is needed.

Despite taking the above mentioned measures, Omori continues to maximise the environment-friendliness of its packaging solutions and machines. We encourage consumers to throw away less product and attempt to minimise the use of film that could harm the environment. And if customers have questions about these issues, we take them very seriously. In the meantime, our innovation team continues to work on new packaging concepts that benefit consumers as well as the environment.