The major benefits of the resealable flowpack

Traditional sliced meat and cheese packages can often be tricky to open and close. Elderly people or those with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in particular have difficulty with this kind of pre-packed product. With its resealable flowpack, including the BellPack and the SeloPack™, Omori proves that not only can things be easier, they can look better and be better for the environment too.

Less plastic means a reduced environmental impact

Resealable packaging has been on the rise in recent years. One of the reasons behind this is the increasing demand in society for environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Omori has recently succeeded in developing a resealable flowpack that not only consists of 50% less plastic, but which can also be combined with an energy saving of 50%.

This highly environmentally-friendly packaging solution is not at the expense of the packaging’s durability or the product’s shelf life. In addition, it does not reduce the ease of use in any way. What’s more, Omori’s resealable flowpack is easier to use than almost any other packaging solution on the market.

Easy for elderly people to open and close

We’d be delighted to explain just how our products are so user-friendly. Omori’s resealable flowpack is designed so that it can be opened in an instant without using a knife or scissors. This ensures that the packaging does not tear open and instead remains intact, which is important for guaranteeing the freshness of the pre-packaged meat and cheese.

One target market that benefits from both easy opening and sealing and optimum shelf life is the elderly. Take, for example, a grandmother who lacks the strength in her hands to slice cheese or to open traditional packaging. People with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis also find this to be both a useful and an indispensable solution.

Increased sales for supermarkets

The resealable packaging does not only offer solutions for consumers, but also for manufacturers and supermarkets. Omori packaging machines pack the product quickly and simply, guaranteeing a good seal. The production costs and the energy costs of the machine are minimal when compared with hot stamping.

Supermarkets which offer Omori resealable flowpacks report an increase in the sales of pre-packaged meats and cheeses. This is thanks in part to the artisan look and the wide variety of design options offered by this packaging type, resulting in an attractive store shelf suited to any modern supermarket.