The power of paper-look flowpack packaging

Modern consumers set high standards when it comes to craftsmanship and quality. Not only does this require different products, it also requires the right packaging. More specifically, packaging that looks both traditional and hand-wrapped is becoming increasingly popular on shop shelves. Omori supplies paper-look flowpack packaging exactly for this purpose.

As the name suggests, this packaging is characterised by a unique paper design. Not only does the film look like paper, it feels like paper too, making the product as a whole highly appealing to consumers. This means that this type of packaging is highly suited to making craft products more attractive.

All the benefits of flowpack

The paper-look flowpack packaging combines all the favourable properties of a flowpack film with a natural, authentic look. You can rest assured that you will gain the typical benefits of a flowpack such as low costs with high efficiency. Furthermore, the easy sealing qualities result in an optimal production speed.

As you have come to expect from Omori packaging solutions, the paper-look flowpack stands out when it comes to aspects such as ease of use and reduced food waste. The low weight when compared with paper alternatives results in savings in the use of material, reduced transport costs and a lower impact on the environment.

Significant marketing impact thanks to overall experience

The marketing impact of this original packaging type is also highly significant. The packaging looks and feels like paper, and can hardly be distinguished from the real thing. This makes it the ideal way of ensuring products stand out among the other food products in the shop shelves, making an indelible impression on the consumer.

After all, any marketer could tell you that packaging plays a major role in a purchase decision. The more distinctive the packaging, the greater the chance that consumers will try the product. A quality design is, of course, the baseline requirement. With the flowpackers by Omori, you can be assured of a top quality paper-look flowpack packaging in almost any design you could wish for.

The countless applications of paper-look flowpack packaging

The versatility of flowpack and the age-old appeal of paper: a winning combination. The applications are endless. From processed meats such as chicken and salami to cheese slices and ready meals: this type of packaging can be used for countless products in the food industry.

The packaging of CONO Cheesemakers, for example, is created using Omori machines. Ever since they made the change to paper-look packaging, this company has seen a significant increase in both sales and market demand.

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