Twinkle tea packaging machine: an obligation-free demonstration

Twinkle tea packaging machine: an obligation-free demonstration

Omori attended Interpack, the renowned packaging trade fair in Düsseldorf, at the start of this month. It was a great success for us because we managed to attract loads of enthusiastic visitors to our stand. We welcomed many guests and were able to provide demonstrations for a wide range of packaging machines.

But the Twinkle pyramid tea line deserves a special mention. This tea packaging machine was one of the most popular machines on our stand and can operate continuously for 6 hours. It is thus perfect for a demonstration.

Twinkle TPB-200 theeverpakkingsmachine

Did you not have time to visit Düsseldorf or did you miss this machine? Then you are more than welcome to check it out in your own country, because the machine can be admire on-site for the coming 2 months.

Characteristics of the Twinkle TPB-200

The Twinkle TPB-200 is a fully automatic tea packaging machine capable of producing conventional and pyramid-shaped tea bags. The machine is characterised by high productivity of 200 bags per minute and the ability to operate continuously for between 4.5 and 6 hours. This offers major advantages compared to comparable packaging machines in this segment, which can often only operate uninterrupted for one hour.

The TPB-200 combines high productivity with a high quality end product, where the string of the tea bag is located in the top of the pyramid. This helps to retain the attractive shape, unlike a lot of the tea bags produced by other machines. The Twinkle packaging machine can also be expanded using the EMS-200, which is a little ‘envelope’ that makes the end result even more appealing to consumers.

Advantages of the Twinkle pyramid tea line

The TPB-200 contains a 16-piece multi-head weighing unit, which allows different types of teas to be packaged very accurately. From herbal tea to tea leaves; this versatile packaging machine is compatible with all types of tea. In addition, the machine’s advanced sensors help to automatically reject incorrectly packaged tea bags during the production process.

However, we have not yet mentioned perhaps the most important benefit of the Twinkle tea packaging machine. Namely, that the production line helps to reduce costs and improve profits. This is because you do not have to buy expensive, tailor-made filters and because your production costs are reduced significantly. The machine thus pays for itself in no time at all.

Would you like to know more? Make an appointment for an obligation-free demonstration via +31 (0)541 582 026 or send an e-mail to And we will respond as soon as possible.