History of Omori Europe

In 1948, Mr. Shozo Omori built his first small machine in a garage, and founded the company Omori Machinery Co. Ltd. This was the beginning of the introduction of many new machines and innovative technologies on the market. In particular, the production of state-of-the-art stretch wrappers and flowpackers for the food sector and the pharmaceutical industry developed into Omori’s main specialty.

Our objectives include a further expansion of Omori Japan’s globalisation strategy to become the global market leader in flowpackers. As a European division, we have expanded our range of packaging machines over the years and are the official dealer of Leepack stand-up filling and sealing machines and Tsubakimoto production machines for pyramid-shaped tea bags. The collaboration with Selo means that we can supply complete production lines.

Supplier of packagingsolutions

We are not just a supplier of packaging machines, together with you, we will sit down to share information and expectations and see what we can do for each other. We think along with you about optimising product innovations and category management. What are the trends, what does the consumer need and how can we strengthen each other in this? That is “innovation that matters”.

1944Founding of Seffelaar & Looyen (SELO) in The Hague
1948Founding of Omori Machinery by Shozo Omori
1979SELO starts selling Omori machines
1984Move Omori HQ to current location in Saitama
1996Introduction of stand-up pouch machines
1998Introduction of resealable packaging
2005Introduction high speed pyramid tea bag machine
2015Omori Machinery Japan acquires Selo shares
2015Founding of Omori Europe B.V. in Oldenzaal
2018Separation of process technology Selo and relocation to Hengelo
2018Omori Europe B.V. opens new office and produces packaging machines in Oldenzaal
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