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Packaging wet pet food

Optimal flexibility and short changeover times

Two types of product typify the wet pet food segment: a combination of chunks with gravy, and pâté. Both products are increasingly packaged in a preformed stand-up pouch for obvious reasons: optimal flexibility, a high degree of automation, short changeover times and a shorter autoclave sterilisation process due to better heat transfer.

Omori Europe’s weighing, filling and sealing lines for stand-up pouches are capable of packaging both products. Two different processes are available. A one-shot fill process for pâté, and a two-shot fill process for chunks and separately adding gravy.

wet petfood Omori Europe

One-shot or two-shot fill?

In a one-shot fill process, the pâté is metered into the pouch in a single shot. A special servomotor-driven piston filler with a ceramic filling head is used to achieve this. As soon as the suspended pouch reaches the filling station, the head moves down into the pouch and fills it with pâté. No mixing is involved.

Chunks and gravy are generally metered into the pouch separately from each other and mixed in the pouch. This is the two-shot fill principle. The chunks, possibly fed from the steam tunnel, are transferred and transported in a controlled flow to the multihead weigher. This station creates the portions and fills them into the pouch. The gravy is added at a subsequent station by a piston filler.

High-speed packaging line

The Leepack packaging machines used for this application are intermittent rotary turret systems where grippers hang the preformed pouches in the turret. This turret then rotates intermittently and the machine automatically performs an operation (open bag, fill bag, seal bag) at each stopping position. Each time the high-speed lines cycle, they simultaneously process 4 pouches, resulting in an output of 160 pouches a minute.

In the case of both pâté and chunks with gravy, steam is injected into the area above the product in the pouch in order to expel oxygen. Heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing takes place immediately afterwards to close the pouch.


Leepack twinline petfood Omori Europe

Single point of contact for your packaging process

Omori Europe handles the complete process and all automation from the point of transfer from the steam tunnel up to product loading in the autoclave. The result is optimal cost-effectiveness and efficiency because one party is responsible for all disciplines; design, installation, project management, delivery and aftersales.

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