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Fresh meat packaging

Sustainability is the word on everybody’s lips these days. Supermarkets also see sustainability as a high priority; the questions asked by consumers are increasingly critical, and packaging materials are under a magnifying glass. Packaging concepts play a key role when it comes to protection, shelf life, convenience and food safety, but they also have an impact on the environment.

Partly due to new legislation and increasing demand from the market, we have taken a proven packaging concept and developed it further as a flowpack solution for fresh meat.

What benefits does sustainable packaging have for you?


Environmental benefits

Enhanced environmental benefits thanks to a reduced environmental impact. By reusing and recycling packaging materials, you ensure that raw material resources last longer and are put to better use. This reduces the environmental footprint and CO2 impact.


Satisfied customers

Greater value thanks to more and satisfied customers. Customers increasingly consider sustainability when taking purchasing decisions. In addition, neat and compact packaging solutions – that do not create unnecessary waste when thrown away and are easy to separate – make customers happy.


Lower costs

Increased operating profit in the long term due to lower costs. Innovative and sustainable packaging will ultimately lead to innovation in the value chain, reduced use of raw material resources and reduced product spoilage. As a result, less material is needed and production and logistics costs can be reduced.

Flowpack bags for packaging fresh meat

Packaging fresh meat, such as minced meat, in flowpack bags not only requires expertise in the machinery itself, but also technological product knowledge. An extended shelf life and preserving the red colour of the meat are essential prerequisites. This means that thought needs to be given to two issues: inserting the product in a hygienic and clean manner, and what steps need to be taken to guarantee product quality.


The flowpack packaging concept is ideal for achieving sustainability targets

Centrale Slagerij ProMessa is the first meat producer in the Netherlands to pack fresh meat in a Flowpack bag using an Omori flowpack machine. This has reduced the firm’s use of plastic for meat packaging by over 70 percent. The first products – minced beef and ‘half-and-half’ beef and pork mince – in a Flowpack bag have been offered in Deen supermarkets since 14 November.

“We are always looking for innovations, especially in the area of sustainability. The Flowpack bag helps our customers – several large supermarket chains – enormously in achieving their sustainability targets”.
Harold Rouweler – directeur ProMessa

Your partner in fresh meat packaging

At Omori Europe, hygienic packaging starts with a feed system that is easy to clean. The infeed conveyor has a quick-disconnect system to allow easy removal of the belt for cleaning in another room. The Omori flowpacker is equipped with a gas-injection system to pack the meat in a high-oxygen modified atmosphere. The inflated shape provides the protection required and the right atmosphere in the packaging to preserve freshness. The mono-material film is fully recyclable as it consists of only one raw material.


Design & Engineering

In addition to standard flowpack machines, we also supply custom-made systems, such as a fully bespoke feed system to ensure optimal delivery of the product to your packaging machine. Our extensive experience makes us the ideal partner for custom-made systems for your products.

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Originally a distributor of packaging equipment with exclusive agency contracts, Omori Europe has evolved into a manufacturer of packaging machinery in recent years. Obviously, we source high-end equipment from our partners all over the world. However, in response to demand for increasingly specific applications, we have started to specialise more in engineering and manufacturing machines or machine parts.

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Obviously, as an Omori customer, you can count on our support 24/7. Our technical specialists answer your questions by phone or visit your site to provide assistance. We help you get your production line up and running again quickly and keep downtime to a minimum.

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